Aggressive Copyright

Aggressive Copyright

Aggressive Copyright is a controversial reflection to all Copyrights and restrictions „on the market“.

Our life is full of pointless restrictions ungrounded from the natural wisdom. All of them are political calculation screwed up in a way that they fits to local political situation pretending to be naturally true.

I do not believe that so called „Original Author“ ever existed or even that it could exists.
In these last days we have experienced the up-spring of several licenses, such as GNU, GPL, CC with so many flavors nobody is ever able to understand what is he/she can or cannot dare under this or that license, not speaking of the cases we do not know the license beforehand (in 99.99999..%). Although these mentioned licenses are few of those I do believe comes finally with crumb of sense, they are still based on the old bias accepting the „fact“ of the Original author existence or that we own things.

The most problematic part in this case is the copyright-able work. Because all work is based on preceding work or knowledge no-one can be specified as the “Only author” or owner and so cannot declare him/her self as the Author/owner and consequently takes all right/ownership on his/her side.

The problem extends even more if you think of the way how we perceive the work.  For instance, if you think of the music then what is the final work, the desired result? Bits representing the information (music) on your hard-drive, CD and so? Or is it the music itself, the sound, rhythm, melody or color of the tones? If you agree with me that the music is rather the last case, then what happen if we hear the music and remember it afterwards? Did we stole the music and broke the Authors rights?
This problem is well known in the practical law, but pushed aside as “unreal”. If we/they take it into account it will ruin our actual virtual economic climate, which is not desirable. Hence the principles are based on false hypothesis and unfolding further and beyond.

So I made the total restrictive copyright.
I have invented the Aggressive Copyright witch totally forbids all possible ways of the work perception in order to avoid consequential problems based on all mentioned misunderstandings. Because of the Aggressive Copyright nobody else than the Author, or absolute owner has no right to the work what so ever. Everybody else is forbidden to perceive the work in all possible ways and so the problem of theft or modification is obliterated to nothingness.

More about Aggressive Copyright on it’s homepage here.

The Aggressive Copyright public applications:
Thailand New Media Art Festival, Bangkok


The WI-FI connection throughout the whole convict during the PAF festival has been warned.


The content of the fridge was put under the Aggressive copyright during the exhibition in the Kitchen gallery in Scholastika, Prague.

Some people just like it:


jauf a kamos

photo by ČTK

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