This project is one of the greatest I made in the 3D virtual world. Even though the time for the development was neck braking, one month, we made a full 3D game with 4 levels and approximately 20 animated characters.
My intention in this game was to make an open game as Open Source is. We have decided to use mainly Open Source tools such as Blender, it’s new game engine branch Apricot as well as Gimp, Inkscape and such. We wanted to make a game freely available for all people, let them possibility to run the game on all platforms and share with them our knowledge and the story message.
The game is shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

year: 2008

my team was:

Vilém Novák – artist / animation, programing, concept
Zdeno Mikláš – programing
G_Taurus – modeling

Michal Kulheim – artist / painting

Tomáš Dvořák – musician, artist / music
Matouš Godík – musician, artist / music


MARK/BBDO advertising agency, as the partner of the Czech Paralympics Team, prepared a computer game called WILL to support our athletes in the upcoming Paralympics games in Beijing 2008. Thanks to the sponsorship donation from the general partner of the Czech Paralympics Team, RWE Company, an emotional and educational tool could be born, bringing closer to the public the physical and mental motives driving our Paralympics athletes forward The realization team itself is composed of personalities of the new Czech media scene; Martin Kermes for the MARK/BBDO digital department, Andrej Štuk, theatre director Štěpán Chaloupka, developer Jan Mucska with his team, music composers Tomáš Dvořák and Matouš Godík, better know as Floex and Zka4t, and the commentary voice will be Ota Klempíř’s. The pilot part of the project is dedicated to swimming; the game itself is a story of four chapters. We live the game through eyes of the main hero, who accompanies all situations by his internal voice to identify with the topic the most. After an apparently amiable opening when we go swimming, the first level becomes more dramatized and we suffer an injury, with which we shall fight further on. Simple game controls become more complicated and we start to have trouble swimming, as does the main hero. We do not give up and having visited a public swimming pool in the second level, we arrive to the third, being give a chance to practice with actual members of our Paralympics swimming team to encounter the fight for the most valuable prize in Beijing. It is not an easy task as we may experience very difficult controlling of the game itself. It is obvious that besides abilities the WILL always wins.

Many thanks to all people from Blender foundation and all people who contributes to develop its Apricot branch.

websites (not available anymore):


Final release 0.93 English
(unpack and run), for Windows XP & Vista – 113MB
Source Code 0.93 English, for Windows XP & Vista – 111MB
Final release 0.92 Czech (installer), for Windows XP & Vista – 103MB
Final release 0.92 Czech (unpack and run) , for Windows XP & Vista – 111MB
Source Code 0.92 Czech, for Windows XP & Vista – 109MB