Sheep heaving possibility to communicate with it’s own flock thru the virtual connection/Skype.

“Replicant” is an fully interactive installation which I made in cooperation with Gabriela Jurkovičová for an exhibition called “Electric Sheep” in the gallery space of Academy of fine Art Prague on the beginning of year 2007.

This project has to come up with question of humanity. Many people have a problem to see in gallery anything else then inanimate things, or more accurate lifeless things.
In most cases their absurd arguing of inhumanity is based on their lack of self-criticism. They eat meat “everyday” not coming up with any question where it comes from and what is behind it. So we put the sheep into gallery space prepare for it even better conditions then it has in it’s “natural” life. This action arouse many negative reactions which where based on lack of knowledge how the real life of animal look like and how it supposed to look like. They believe that sheep are happy behind the fence in
their “natural” space.

direct link to video file

Or you might be lucky and see the recording from the exhibition on Artycok so called TV