date: 2002-2005

homepage: https://2046.rocks/NK205-2/

In order to extend the system of human perception I wanted to create images with high emotions through sound. The aim of this work was to reach the maximum of human imagination and to achieve a state similar to lucid dreaming.


Due to social environment we live in, we have common conscious, unconscious and non-conscious processes (that’s how it’s called by psychologists) of certain vicarious symbols, representations of objects and feelings, whereby we understand them. These are too complicated, or else are too complex that we, or at least I cannot fully understand them. In another words, they are too complicated and unique in a way for every each of us that it is not possible record it and consequently depict exactly enough for serious research.

What we all have in common are physical processes. Our body, all bodies of all living kinds have inner actions accompanied by physical processes such as hard beat, breath rhythm etc. These are connected with the particular events. Meaning, if anyone is afraid or happy his/her breath becomes faster, his/her heart beat changes too and the brain “switches” into “different” state and so on and so forth. These body “outputs” are measurable and so are ideal for study with global relevance. If we get enough data, we can consciously flip it over. By knowing what physical processes are natural during certain feelings we can arouse the feelings back by physically exciting the body in similar way as was recorded during particular mental state.

And that was the goal.
Record, learn and create music that creates images in our heads.


Through I studied the topic for several years and had the chance to measure(EEG) physical processes, I figured it out that this theory was studied by many people already (indeed) and that it always end up in hands of military. For that reason, I quit. The project isn’t finished and hopefully never will be.
I never made any output. Why? Because what I have just said and also I didn’t want to create any stupid data visualization of  EEG, EKG, or similar things in virtue to have a “result” and so have something to present.

All the physical parts of this project were discarded.

If you are curious what was the actual result. I made the sound installation/sort of bed with surround sound and tactile add. I measured the brain responses to various kind of music, made some conclusions and as I said discarded all out of all media except my brain.