We have done a lot of crazy things on this baby

I never wanted to tune it up or use it as a Piano..

But one day while I was tuning a tube into discrete pitches I was like ” What about the Piano?” can I tune it as well?

Well I tried, many times, up and down. The tuning never holds for a long. Sure It could not. The piano pitch is going up and down normally, just few cents but that does matter if it is tuned well. Also if you keep it close the the window it will never stay in tune for long.
But this piano was out of tune for more than that. It was hell dirty inside. Try not to wash your self for 100 years and will see how you will look like.. the piano needs regular care as we do.

And so one day I decided to rebuild it completely. I took this as challenge and an ideal way how to learn how it really works. To learn how all the action parts, strings, all what is inside works and makes the piano sounds like a piano.
After almost 9 months, The piano is back in its shape and in tune. Well there is some work that needs to be done still. Action needs to be regulated bit more, voicing is deadly needed as the hammers are really hard which makes the piano sounds horribly pitched up and metallic. But, it is completely rewarding. Nobody who never did such a thing would ever understand. You have to do it your self.
9 valuable months.

..and it won’t be me, If I won’t decide to redo it again with some enhancements.