date: since 2006


is a free two person fighting game developed in Blender that uses the Blender Game Engine licensed under the GNU GPL license. Because of this, the game will run on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and other platforms.


  • The first goal is to make a game which stands against killing trends in games nowadays by providing an alternate path for both game development and game play.
  • The second goal of this project is make an game which is more complex then individual advancement.
  • The third goal is to have multiple collaborate and contribute to this project. Thanks to this method and the style of development of this project, the more people who contribute then the more developed the game will be and consequently find feasible solutions for the Blender Game Engine.


This game is based after the martial art Capoeira. In a normal fighting game, the more aggressive player wins by being more violent towards opponents. This game is different.
Two players try to make an efficient trick of how to attack and possibly respond successfully with a tricky crouch, then if they succeed they�ll have more points. A Better trick is appreciated by the game. Both �fighters� should participate in the game, the more talented person is not privileged and if they together get a specific amount of credit under a certain amount of time, then they will pass onto a new level. Participation is one of the keys to the game succes.

These are the overarching goals, however they might change as the game development proceeds.
This whole game concept is a little bit tricky because which must be interesting for fighters (gamers) who play traditional fighting games. In this instance the goal is to change the standard behavior slightly in order to alter the standard violence seemingly required by modern games. If the behaviors of gamers and kids who play games (and killing game type rules) don�t change, then the violence is going to continuously get worse.