Jelibot, the human like AI

Jelibot, the human like AI

Over many and many nights and days, more precisely over few years starting in about 2018 we decided to build a bot. A cute or rather insane bot that would talk to people delusional nonsense as we all do during our common conversation.
It’s kinda funny that when a bot talks nonsense we think it is stupid, when somebody talk nonsense we think that person is most likely smart.
And so we made a super clever bot that has quite limited as humans do range of topics but can take you to a mindful journey.

It lives on if you wonder.
With heavy server side help and lot of clever coding Borjana Dodova might be considered its father, while Lenka Strelakova his mother as she was the one who taught it his first words.
Me? All in between.

We decided to make the AI communication more human like.

Remember it’s 2019 when AI communication looks like..

user: Do You have Pizza
AI: Hello. Yeas we have [Margarita, Cheese,  … ]
user: Gime Cheese with Spinach toppings.
AI: What address..
user: How are you?
AI: Sorry I do not understand your question.

While in normal chat people do not talk like that they mostly talk unspecifically and move willy-nilly from subject to subject based on what the conversation brings.
And so we decided create more human like communicative AI ChatBot we implemented in to where it communicates its feelings and from time to tome brings actual information about the actual art events in to the flow.

The communication might look like this.. well it talks in Czech ;):

AI: Welcome, you who come from a distant search engine…
AI: … it’s nice to see you back here.
me: yeah, how you doing
AI: according to you.
Me: I think I’m pretty good
AI: Is there someone else behind that screen? You decide.
Me: I’m not the only one here
AI: Okay, you better go after people while they’re still recognizable.
AI: ×××
Me: cc
AI: Well, hello…
AI: … it’s another day.
me: why?
AI: Cultural experience pushes the threshold for sudden blood pressure spikes.

Originally in Czech:

AI: Vítej, kdo přicházíš z dalekého vyhledávače…
AI: … je pěkný tě tady zas vidět.
me: jo, jak se vede
AI: podle tebe
me: podle me docela good
AI: Je snad za tim screenem ještě někdo jinej? Ty se rozhodni.
me: ne sem tady sam
AI: Oki, jdi radši za lidma, dokud jsou k rozeznání.
AI: ×××
me: cc
AI: No nazdar…
AI: … to je zas den.
me: proc?
AI: Kulturní zkušenost posunuje práh náhlého zvýšení krevního tlaku.


Programmed by:
Borjana Dodova

Boot/AI teachers:
Lenka Strelakova