Yael Behnorin addressed me to make a music for her animation “Insomnia”.
The base of the animation is a result of the eye motion tracking of many people walking through the same space with different points of interests. The view was recorded on recorder. The final view spots corresponds with focus of the current person, all views are mixed up into to a single picture.

The major part of the sound is done on Theremin, selected parts are made on detuned piano.
Chunk of the sound, time 1:36 – 2:47 min. (out of 5:00 min.)
Insomnia: Yael Behnorin / 2046

Animation: Alma Lily Rayner
Concept: Alma Lily Rayner, Vilém Novák.
Music: 2046

Some picts from video. The video is anywhere online at this moment.

Screenshot-output.avi-2_2046 Screenshot-output.avi-3_2046 Screenshot-output.avi-5_2046 Screenshot-output.avi-4_2046 Screenshot-output.avi-6_2046