date: 2005

homepage https://2046.rocks/E_S/

Sounds in a musical composition (tone based, sound based, rhythmical and arrhythmical) are created (in the real environment) not only by the sound source, but also by the environment, where the source resides.

The full version of the project contains a 3D Visual Music Instrument, where a key role is played by the movement and distance of the interacting Avatar from the sound sources.
The “Virtual” part allows a person to build sound compositions based on Avatar’s position in 3D Space. Objects reshaped by the Avatar during his movement help people establish a better understanding of the causal relation between the Avatar movements and the resulting sound.
The idea is to create an alternative space, fulfilling our senses as like in real World.

The full version of E_S is implemented into an vibrating mattress, encircled by surround speakers enhanced by a projection. Thanks to the capabilities of the mattress, it is possible not only to see this space and hear the surround sound, but also to have a tactile feeling. It is possible to feel the touches of the environment, being filled with sound during its creation. The “game” is controlled by a special interface developed particulary for this project.