Soldiers all over

Project “soldiers all over” was made as a public installation build in the commercial place within the shopping mall during the pre-Xmas time.
The project grew out in my head as a consequence of my thoughts I went through during these last years. Thinking about the current media and its follow-up social impact on us,
I find that there is no way how to help with anything else then information itself
. All kind of procedures and inventions we come up with are used against it’s own purpose, no matter from which side we look at it. As a person who see a problem and would like to point at it, with as less side effect as possible I have decided to show only the “clear” information uncovered by any artistic academic cliche, to make it readable for common people who are the target audience. That’s also the reason why the installation is placed in the public shopping center during the Xmas time.
The installation consist of a chosen text (information) translated into the language of the current state. B
ecause I consider wikipedia as highly relevant knowledge messenger, all text was published on the Czech wikipedia.

Within this project I refer to ta-bu surrounding the multimedia game development which is no longer used only as commercial but also a political tool.

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or download it directly – go / wmv – 39MB.

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