I‘ve been working with the virtual tools for a decade and decided to do something real again.

I wanted to do something with my hands, something I can feel and enjoy while hacking one form in to the other.

I wanted to touch real stuff with tips of my fingers and face of my palm.

I did not want to make just a new form, but something rather beatiful and functional, something that matters, something that enhance my life as I like it. And so I have decided to build a bike out of the Bamboo, or Wood.

I know you have seen some Wood/Bamboo bikes already, that is nothing new. Apart of the question of uniqueness, this bike concept is naturally unique anyway. The bike body is so called unibody. One single thing that forms the bike body with no extra joints or  hard edges. It is slick like Avocado and beautiful as that too.

I made it in our Prague studio bikejan.com.