Music completed by its ever ignored fundamental record.

Looking back on the licensing paradigm and all the music that is distributed, reworked, chopped, reused, re-recorded, consciously or unconsciously – all the music lives within the system we invented for clever reasons called Law, more specifically Copyright(authors’ rights).

This system which is inevitably inherited within the work and the work carries along is something that basically defines the way how we should perform and approach music. What parts we can perform, in what circumstances and what we can or cannot approach at all.
Buy it or not, the rule is there.

My approach in this case is to complete the information we simply ignore. The Cocktail is a written music with the restrictions defined as they should be defined, finally!
The missing piece of information is specified right where it belongs – where the music is written, wherefrom the performer possibly gets his/her dictation, the student study or where it persist for the future “use”.
I believe this missing information should be taken into consideration on every piece and the piece be treated as defined, only then the music is complete!

Here you are, written music completed by the rights.

The full Cocktail notation